Wednesday, May 9, 2012

electronic harassment tape plus 2

The Electronic Harassment tapes are here now and the packing and shipping nightmare starts today/tonight(well it sort of started yesterday). It's going to take me a little while but i'll get it done. In addition to that, 2 more cdr's:

1) Electronic Harassment II/III cdr- Original idea was to do 12 tapes this year, 1 per month but I can't deal with the hassle of a busy tape manufacturer, so cdr's it is. More of the same that( maybe a little looser) can be found on the tape.

2) Twinkle Toes cdr- airy romantic bs.

contact dagdahammer(at) gmail (dot) com

10 dollars post paid for each in the US, 13 overseas(sorry, I've been getting gouged on overseas postage lately)
18 for both in the US, 23 overseas.

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