Saturday, October 29, 2011

more news

I'm still waiting for the TS/KD 5cdr and dvd boxset, the don't ask cd-r is coming this week and the 'electronic harassment' cassette is being manufactured right now.... sorry for the delays. Copies of the DVD/CDR are all reserved, theres a few more cassettes and cdr's available but the cassette is close to being gone/reserved. more details soon.thanks

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I just learned that Tom Smith has finished a TS/KD 5cdr release titled 'Blue Before Blackface', source material was taken from live recordings from our 7 date european tour back in May....5 cds? wow!, I'm curious to hear what that sounds like, anyways I'll have some copies of it next week, drop me an email if interested and I can hold a copy.
In other release news, coming in the next couple of weeks-
Kevin Drumm-Don't ask cd-r (prepared guitar)
Kevin Drumm-Electronic Harrassment c-30(specifically made for a tour that has been postponed)
later before the end of the year 2 more small run releases.
More details, sound samples coming soon.